Happy … ugh can we say all agree its not so new year.

Its a new year so why not dust of the ole’ keyboard and get to clacking again. If you’re like me your probably noticing 4 kilos extra round the  breadbasket and depleted funds spent on crappy gifts your relatives will use once.  Consumerism wins again! So what now? Its a not so new year and its everybody’s year. Theoretically many people will take L’s this year,  #justsaying.  So far in 2017, I have managed to fight off a fever, pay off an outstanding  debt, and loose 3 of those 4 kilos, #adulting!  

Last week I went back home for the holidays (NYC) and came to a realization that you can’t choose family, but can choose career. As a comic  New York City is what mecca is to Muslims. You should pay homage and visit if you are a devout stand-up comedian. Not only NY but  L.A., Montreal, London, Melbourne really any other hotbed of humor. Travel fam!  I did a couple mics and man there is nothing more humbling than telling jokes that don’t land in a half empty room in front of other comics.  What it does is makes your sets stronger because chances are if you can get comedians to laugh you can kill a crowd!   

Besides open mics and eating dollar slices, I went to see stand-up, not just any stand-up,  world class stand-up. I saw Mark Normad, Marc Maron and Louis C.K. at a sold out Town hall show in Times square. To say it was hilarious show is an understatement. I laughed till I cried, I laughed so hard it hurt.  I left that show feeling high as an astronaut tripping on ayahuasca during burning man, but also  “WOW I NEED TO WRITE WAY MORE”.  It was like watching a coder create code blindfolded, hanging upside-down, with their hands tied behind the back in a matter of seconds.  Flawless, undeniable funny. Not only did they both kill, the audience was a full on melting pot full of Jews, blacks, Spanish, and non-Jews of different, ages and genders. Universal crowd.  

Epiphany is not a black girls name. 


EPIPHANY! I realized inspiration does not happen in a vacuum.  Me wanting this “magic” moment to happen is movie malarky. I needed to get out there and see some sh#t, world class sh#t! Get my hands dirty, see how the sausage get made, join a gang. (j/k I  didn’t do that). That is if you want your art to be universal. Stockholm is dope creatively, but as a creative it was imperative I make an effort to visit other comedy cities. It may not be as mind altering as an LSD trip but when inspiration hits, profundity happens. I want to make my  comedy INTERNATIONALLY dope.  So I’m going to see Eddie Pepitone at Brooklyn Bar and write more.  These are my first steps of the year towards that goal but first i need to vacuum. 

Happy 2017!

Stay Hip!


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